Vol.8, No. 4 (2012)


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Vol.8, No. 4 (2012)


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Sulaiman Murtadha

Ali. K. Ibrahim

Speech Compression using Multecirculerletet Transform.

Compressing the speech reduces the data storage requirements, leading to reducing the time of transmitting the digitized speech over long-haul links like internet. To obtain best performance in speech compression, wavelet transforms require filters that combine a number of desirable properties, such as orthogonality and symmetry.The MCT bases functions are derived from GHM bases function using 2D linear convolution .The fast computation algorithm methods introduced here added desirable features to the current transform. We further assess the performance of the MCT in speech compression application. This paper discusses the effect of using DWT and MCT (one and two dimension) on speech compression. DWT and MCT performances in terms of compression ratio (CR), mean square error (MSE) and peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) are assessed. Computer simulation results indicate that the two dimensions MCT offer a better compression ratio, MSE and PSNR than DWT.

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2 Mohammed Khalil Hussain

Senserless Speed and Position of Direct Field Orientation Control Induction Motor Drive.

Direct field-orientation Control (DFOC) of induction motor drives without mechanical speed sensors at the motor shaft has the attractions of low cost and high reliability. To replace the sensor, information on the rotor speed and position are extracted from measured stator currents and from voltages at motor terminals. In this paper presents direct field-orientation control (DFOC) with two type of kalman filter (complete order and reduced order extended kalman filter) to estimate flux, speed, torque and position. Simulated results show how good performance for reduced order extended kalman filter over that of complete  order extended kalman filter in tracking performance and reduced time of state estimation.

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3 Ghaidaa Abdulrahman Khalid

The Effect of Doppler Phenomenon on the Speed of Blood Flow.

This research studying the phenomenon of Doppler (frequency Doppler) as a method through which the direction and speed of the blood cells flows in blood vessels wear measured. This Doppler frequency is relied upon in medicine for measuring the speed of blood flow, because the blood flow is an important concept from the concepts of medicine. It represents the function and efficient of the heart and blood vessels in the body so any defect in this function will appear as a change in the speed of blood flow from the normal value assumed. As this speed changes a lot in cases of  disease and morbidity  of the heart, so in order to identify the effect of changing the Doppler frequency on the speed of blood flow and the relationship of this frequency with the angles of transitions and receptions and the effect of changing the ultrasound transmitted frequencies on the measured velocities . Full Text
4 Yasir Khudhair Abbas

Genetic Algorithm Based PID Controller Design for a Precise Tracking of Two-Axis Piezoelectric Micropositioning Stage.

In this paper, an intelligent tracking control system of both single- and double-axis Piezoelectric Micropositioner stage is designed using Genetic Algorithms (GAs) method for the optimal Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller tuning parameters. The (GA)-based PID control design approach is a methodology to tune a (PID) controller in an optimal control sense with respect to specified objective function. By using the (GA)-based PID control approach, the high-performance trajectory tracking responses of the Piezoelectric Micropositioner stage can be obtained. The (GA) code was built and the simulation results were obtained using MATLAB environment. The Piezoelectric Micropositioner simulation model with the (GA)-based PID control is illustrated to show the validity of the proposed control method for practical applications, such as scanning microscopy.

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Osama Sultan M.

 Majid Hmeed A.

Ishraq Abdul Razaq K.

Sub–Nyquist Frequency Efficient Audio Compression.

In the present investigation two different types of fiber reinforced polymer composites were prepared by hand lay-up method using three different parameters (curing temperature, pressing load and fiber volume fraction). These composites were prepared from the polyester resin as the matrix material reinforced with glass fibers as first group of samples and mat Kevlar fibers as the second group, both with different volume fractions (4%, 8%, and 12%) of fibers. They were then tested by tensile strength and impact strength. The main objective in this study is to use Taguchi method for predicting the better parameters that give the better tensile and impact strength to the composites, and then preparing composites at these parameters and comparing them with the randomly used once. Full Text

zainab Hasson Hassan

zainab Hassan hanash

Experimental investigation of using evaporative air cooler for winter air-conditioning in Baghdad.

This paper presents an efficient methodology to design modified evaporative air-cooler for winter air-conditioning in Baghdad city as well as using it for summer air-conditioning by adding a heating process after the humidification process. laboratory tests were performed on a direct evaporative cooler (DEC) followed by passing the air on hot water through heat exchanger placed in the coolers air duct exit. The tests were conducted on the 2nd of December /2011 when the ambient temperature was 8.1°C and the relative humidity was  (68%). The air flow rate is assumed to vary between 0.069 to 0.209 kg/s with constant water flow rate of 0.03 kg/s in the heat exchanger. The performance is reported in terms of effectiveness of DEC, saturation efficiency of DEC, outlet temperature of air and cooling capacity. Heat transfer rate in heat exchanger mode is also estimated. Full Text
7 Sundus Hussein Abd

Experimental Study on the Impact of External Geometrical Shape on Free and Forced Convection Time Dependent Average Heat Transfer Coefficient during Cooling Process.

In this research, an experimental study was conducted to high light the impact of the exterior shape of a cylindrical body on the forced and free convection heat transfer coefficients when the body is hold in the entrance of an air duct. The impact of changing the body location within the air duct and the air speed are also demonstrated. The cylinders were manufactured with circular, triangular and square sections of copper for its high thermal conductivity with appropriate dimensions, while maintaining the surface area of all shapes to be the same. Each cylinder was heated to a certain temperature and put inside the duct at certain locations. Full Text
8 Khairallah S. Jabur

Analysis of the Effects of Aggressive Shot Peening on Fatigue Life of 7075 – T6 Aluminum Alloy.

For many years controlled shot peening was considered as a surface treatment. It is now clear that the performance of control shot peening in terms of fatigue depends on the balance between its beneficial (compressive residual stress and work hardening) and beneficial effects (surface hardening).

The overall aim of this paper is to study the effects of aggressive shot peening on fatigue life of 7075 – T6 aluminum alloy. The fatigue life reduction factor (LRF) due to the aggressive shot peening was established and empirical relations were proposed to describe the behavior of LRF, roughness and fatigue life. The benefits of shot peering in terms of fatigue life are dependent on the shot peening time (SPT). The higher SPT is the lower the benefit is. Higher roughness results in lower fatigue life.

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9 Ali Hashim Jryian

Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Model of Intelligent Traffic Light System with Saving Power.

In this paper, a FPGA model of intelligent traffic light system with power saving was built. The intelligent traffic light system consists of sensors placed on the side's ends of the intersection to sense the presence or absence of vehicles. This system reduces the waiting time when the traffic light is red, through the transition from traffic light state to the other state, when the first state spends a lot of time, because there are no more vehicles. The proposed system is built using VHDL, simulated using Xilinx ISE 9.2i package, and implemented using Spartan-3A XC3S700A FPGA kit. Implementation and Simulation behavioral model results show that the proposed intelligent traffic light system model satisfies the specified operational requirements.

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Ameel Mohammed Rahman Al-Mayah

Zyad Rafaa Zair

Maha Hadi Al-Hassani

Dehydration of Ethanol Using Pervaporation Separation with Nanoporous Hydrophilic Silica Ceramic Membrane.

The pervaporation using a commercial hydrophilic ceramic membrane supplied from PERVATECH was conducted. The dehydration of ethanol/ water system was used as a model for the pervaporation study. Pervaporation experiments of ethanol/water system were carried out in the temperature range of 303-343K, ethanol concentration in the feed 10-90 vol. % and the feed flow rate in the range of 0.5-10 L/min.  In this work, the effect of operation parameters on permeates fluxes as well as permeates separation factors have been studied. The Water flux is strongly dependent on the temperature; it increased with increasing in temperature, which in turn decreased the selectivity of membrane to water molecules.

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