Vol.5, No. 2 (2009)


Al-Khwarizmi Engineering Journal,


Vol.5, No. 2 (2009)


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1 Sadiq J. Abou-Loukh

Modeling and Filtering for Tracking Maneuvering Targets

A new mathematical model describing the motion of manned maneuvering targets is presented. This model is simple to be implemented and closely represents the motion of maneuvering targets. The target maneuver or acceleration is correlated in time. Optimal Kalman filter is used as a tracking filter which results in effective tracker that prevents the loss of track or filter divergency that often occurs with conventional tracking filter when the target performs a moderate or heavy maneuver. Computer simulation studies show that the proposed tracker provides sufficient accuracy. Full Text
2 Ali Abdul-Rahman N. Jasim

Effect of adding Alcohols and Gas Velocity on Gas Hold up and Mass Transfer Coefficient in Bubble Columns with Draught Tube

The bubble columns are widely used as a two or three phase reactor in industrial chemical process such as absorption, biochemical reactions, coal liquefaction, etc. To design such a column, two main parameters should be taken in consideration, the gas hold-up, and the liquid phase mass transfer coefficient KLa. The study includes the effect of gas velocity and the addition of alcohols on gas hold-up and mass transfer coefficient in bubble column with draught tube when the length of the column is 1.5m and the ratio of the draught tube diameter to the column diameter equals 0.5 and the air dispersion into the base of the draught tube using a multi hole tuyere is equivalent to a diameter of 0.15 mm and has a  free sectional distributor area of 61%. Full Text

Munqith S. Dawood

Ahmed Ali Mohammed

Breast Tumor Diagnosis Using Diode Laser in Near Infrared Region

In the last years, new non-invasively laser methods were used to detect breast tumors for pre- and postmenopausal females. The methods based on using laser radiation are safer than the other daily used methods for breast tumor detection like X-ray mammography, CT-scanner, and nuclear medicine.  One of these new methods is called FDPM (Frequency Domain Photon Migration). It is based on the modulation of laser beam by variable frequency sinusoidal waves. The modulated laser radiations illuminate the breast tissue and received from opposite side. In this paper the amplitude and the phase shift of the received signal were calculated according to the original signal for the sake of diagnosis.

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Qahtan Abdul Zahra

Ahmed N. Mehdy

Nora M. Sahib

Simulation of Free Convection from an Inclined Heated Thin Plate in a Square Enclosure

Simulation of free convection heat transfer in a square enclosure induced by heated thin plate is represented numerically. All  the enclosure walls have constant temperature lower than the plate’s temperature. The flow is assumed to be two-dimensional. The discretized equations were solved stream function, vorticity, and energy equations by finite difference method using explicit technique and Successive Over- Relaxation method. The study was performed for different values of Rayleigh number ranging from 103 to 105 for different angle position of heated thin plate(0°, 45°, 90°). Air was chosen as a working fluid (Pr = 0.71). Aspect ratio of center of plate to the parallel left wall A2 take a constant and is equal to 0.5. Full Text

Ali H. Kadhum

Huda Hatem
Automatic Optimization System of Cutting Condition for Different Types of Machining This research aims at calculating the optimum cutting condition for various types of machining methods, assisted by computers, (the computer program in this research is designed to solve linear programs; the program is written in v. basic language). The program obtains the results automatically, this occur through entering the preliminary information about the work piece and the operating condition, the program makes the calculation actually by solving a group of experimental relations, depending on the type of machining method (turning, milling, drilling). Full Text
6 Ahlam Hanoon

Image Zooming Using Inverse Slantlet Transform

Digital image is widely used in computer applications. This paper introduces a proposed method of image zooming based upon inverse slantlet transform and image scaling. Slantlet transform (SLT) is based on the principle of designing different filters for different scales. First we apply SLT on color image, the idea of transform color image into slant, where large coefficients are mainly the   signal and smaller one represent the noise. By suitably modifying these coefficients , using scaling up image by  box and Bartlett filters so that the image scales up to 2X2 and then inverse slantlet transform from modifying coefficients using to the reconstructed image .

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M. Bayoumi

Aziz Al Alawi

Alytical Modeling of Stresses in the Wall 0f the Human Heart

The mechanical function of the heart is governed by the contractile properties of the cells, the mechanical stiffness of the muscle and connective tissue, and pressure and volume loading conditions on the organ. Although ventricular pressures and volumes are available for assessing the global pumping performance of the heart, the distribution of stress and strain that characterize regional ventricular function and change in cell biology must be known. The mechanics of the equatorial region of the left, ventricle was modeled by a thick-walled cylinder. The tangential (circumferential) stress, radial stress and longitudinal stress in the wall of the heart have been calculated. There are also significant torsional shear in the wall during both systole and diastole. In addition there should exist shear stress in the wall of the heart due to action of pressure on the curved surface. Full Text

Rula Abdul Khider Abbas

Muzher Ali Sahib

Muhammad Slab Hamza

Study the Effect Different Radioactive Dose on Mechanical

Properties of Composite Material from Novolak Resin

Exposure to High – Energy Radiation

The research involves using phenol – formaldehyde (Novolak) resin as matrix for making composite material, while glass fiber type (E) was used as reinforcing materials. The specimen of the composite material is reinforced with (60%) ratio of glass fiber. The impregnation method is used in test sample preparation, using molding by pressure presses.All samples were exposure to (Co60) gamma rays of an average energy (2.5)Mev. The total doses were (208, 312 and 728) KGy.

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