Vol.5, No. 3 (2009)


Al-Khwarizmi Engineering Journal,

Vol.5, No. 3 (2009)


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Nabeel K. Abid Al-Sahib

Osamah F. Abdulateef

Ahmed Samir Hamza

The Investigation of Monitoring Systems for SMAW Processes

The monitoring weld quality is increasingly important because great financial savings are possible because of it, and this especially happens in manufacturing where defective welds lead to losses in production and necessitate time consuming and expensive repair. This research deals with the monitoring and controllability of the fusion arc welding process using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model. The effect of weld parameters on the weld quality was studied by implementing the experimental results obtained from welding a non-Galvanized steel plate ASTM BN 1323 of 6 mm thickness in different weld parameters (current, voltage, and travel speed) monitored by electronic systems that are followed by destructive (Tensile and Bending) and non-destructive (Hardness on HAZ) tests to investigate the quality control on the weld specimens. Full Text


A. Salam Al-Ammri

Analysis of Wave Propagation in Detection of Aorta Dieses Using Lumps Analysis

In this paper a theoretical attempt is made to determine whether changes in the aorta diameter at different location along the aorta can be detected by brachial artery measurement.  The aorta is divided into six main parts, each part with 4 lumps of 0.018m length. It is assumed that a desired section of the aorta has a radius change of 100,200, 500%. The results show that there is a significant change for part 2 (lumps 5-8) from the other parts. This indicates that the nearest position to the artery gives the significant change in the artery wave pressure while other parts of the aorta have a small effect.

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3 Ahmed Mahrous Ragib Low Cost Heart Rate Monitor Using Led-Led Sensor A high sensitivity, low power and low cost sensor has been developed for photoplethysmography (PPG) measurement. The PPG principle was applied to follow the dilatation and contraction of skin blood vessels during the cardiac cycle. A standard light emitting diodes (LEDs) has been used as a light emitter and detector, and in order to reduce the space, cost and power, the classical analogue-to-digital converters (ADCs) replaced by the pulse-based signal conversion techniques. A general purpose microcontroller has been used for the implementation of measurement protocol. The proposed approach leads to better spectral sensitivity, increased resolution, reduction in cost, dimensions and power consumption. Full Text
4 Louay S. Yousuf

Time Prediction of Dynamic Behavior of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites Subjected to Fluctuating Varied Temperatures

The reduction of vibration properties for composite material (woven roving E-glass fiber plies in thermosetting polyester matrix) is investigated at the prediction time under varied combined temperatures (60  to -15) using three types of boundary conditions like (CFCF, CCCF, and CFCC). The vibration properties are the amplitude, natural frequency, dynamic elastic moduli (young modulus in x, y directions and shear modulus in 1, 2 plane) and damping factor. The natural frequency of a system is a function of its elastic properties, dimensions, and mass. The woven roving glass fiber has been especially engineered for polymer reinforcement; but the unsaturated thermosetting polyester is widely used, offering a good balance of vibration properties at moderate or ambient temperatures, and also at relatively low cost. The mismatch between matrix and fiber yarns gives a predominant role for the fiber's mechanics where the matrix is the area where most damage mechanisms develop. Full Text

Hayder F. Neamah

Wisam H. Ali

Stress Analysis of Guide Rails of Elevators

The mechanical design of elevator elements is always performed by international standards. The engineer selects the appropriate elements of elevator according to catalogues without knowing scientific details. Therefore, a theoretical analysis is achieved at two operating conditions for guide rails (1) safety gear operation, and (2) running condition with the loads unevenly distributed on the elevator car. The guide rail is considered a continuous beam with variable supports. Then the British code is listed showing the equations used in it.

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Zainab Ahmed Alkaissi

Duraid Ali AlKhafagy

Propagation Mechanisms for Surface Initiated Cracking in Composite Pavements

The primary objective of this study was to identify the mechanisms for the development and propagation of longitudinal cracks that initiate at the surface of composite pavement. In this study the finite element program ANSYS version (5.4) was used and the model worked out using this program has the ability to analyze a composite pavement structure of different layer properties. Also, the aim of this study was modeling and analyzing of the composite pavement structure with the physical presence of crack induced in concrete underlying layer. The results obtained indicates that increasing the thickness of the asphalt layer tends to decrease the stress intensity factor, which may be attributed to the rapidly decrease of horizontal tensile stress in the asphalt layer. Full Text

Jamal M. Ali

Qasim M. Abbas

Corrosion and Galvanic behavior of Copper, Carbon steel and Zinc Couples in (3.5 %wt) Nacl Solution

     The galvanic corrosion of the (Cu - Fe), (Cu - Zn) and (Fe - Zn) couples have been investigated in 3.5% NaCl solution, 40ºC, different velocities (Re = 5000, 10000 and 15000) and different area ratio’s of cathode to anode (AR= 0.5,1 and 2), by using commercial metal pipe (cylindrical tube).The Zero Resistance Ammeter has been used to measure the galvanic current (Ig) and galvanic potential (Eg) with time. The galvanic current density increases with increasing velocity (Re) and the area ratio (AR). The galvanic potential (Eg) is shifted to less negative with increasing velocity (Re) and the area ratio (AR). A statistical relations for the galvanic current density and galvanic potential as a function of (Re). and the area ratio had been created depending on Quasi-Newton method. There is good agreement between experimental and predicted results.

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8 Mohammed  Sadeq Salman

Removal of Sulfate from Waste Water by Activated Carbon

Activated carbon was Produced from coconut shell and was used for removing sulfate from industrial waste water in batch Processes. The influence of various parameter were studied such as pH (4.5 – 9.) , agitation time (0 – 120)min and adsorbent dose (2 – 10) gm.

The Langmuir and frandlich adsorption capacity models were been investigated where showed there are fitting with langmmuir model with squre regression value ( 0.76). The percent of removal of  sulfate (22% - 38%) at (PH=7) in the isotherm experiment increased  with adsorbent mass increasing. The maximum removal value of sulfate at  different pH experiments is (43%) at pH=7.

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Ahmed J. Ali

Ameel Mohammed Rahman

Characterization of Metal Dispersion of Some Naphtha Reforming Catalysts by Methylcyclohexane Dehydrogenation Reaction

The dispersion of supported Pt and Pt–Ir reforming catalysts have been studied, after treatment with oxidative and reducing atmosphere. Methylcyclohexane dehydrogenation reaction in the absence of hydrogen was used as a test reaction. An attempt was made to relate the behavior of the catalysts upon subject to reaction, to the dispersion of the same type of catalysts upon treatment with similar atmosphere and temperatures which appeared in literature. The total conversion of reaction can be explained by a change in metal dispersion. Thus, methylcyclohexane dehydrogenation reaction appears to be a really “structure sensitive” reaction. Full Text

Hussein Jabbar Hussein

Hanaa A. Al-Kaisy

Saad M. Elie

Study Effect of Dezincification on the Fatigue Properties

of Brass Alloy
This research includes a study of dezincification by corrosion from brass alloys in three types of media, which are acidic solution, basic and slat solution in different percentages. The study show the higher dezincification occurs in basic solution which decrease the fatigue properties where the fatigue properties are inversely proportional with dezincification. Full Text
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