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Dr. Mohammed   A. Atiya

Mr. Fadhil S. Kadhim (M.Sc)

Corrosion of Carbon Steel Pipeline in Flow System of water Sweetening Plant

The electrochemical behavior of carbon steel in water sweetening station in Libya has been studied in the range of ( 293–333 oC) using weight loss technique. Measurements were carried out over a range of Reynolds number (5000 – 25000).An apparatus was designed for studying the corrosion process in the turbulent regime, which is of industrial significance. It was found that The corrosion rate of carbon steel in water sweetening station is under diffusion control and increases with increasing Reynolds number. On the other hand the variation of corrosion rate with temperature in the range of (293–333 oC) was found to follow Arrhenius equation and the activation energy approximately the same except at low Reynolds number.

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Dr. Khalid Farhod Chasib Al-Jiboury

Effect Of Polar Component (1-Propanol) On The Relative Volatility Of The Binary System

N-Hexane - Benzene

Vapor-liquid equilibrium data are presented for the binary systems n-hexane - 1-propanol, benzene - 1-propanol and n-hexane – benzene at 760 mm of mercury pressure. In addition ternary data are presented at selected compositions with respect to the 1-propanol in the 1-propanol, benzene, n-hexane system at 760 mmHg. The results indicate the relative volatility of n-hexane relative to benzene increases appreciably with addition of 1-propanol.

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Ahmed abdul hussain Ali

Minimizing error in robot arm based on design optimization for high stiffness to weight ratio.

In this work the effect of choosing tri-circular tube section had been addressed to minimize the end effector’s error, a comparison had been made between the tri-tube section and the traditional square cross section for a robot arm, the study shows that for the same weight of square section and tri-tube section the error may be reduced by about 33%. A program had been built up by the use of MathCAD software to calculate the minimum weight of a square section robot arm that could with stand a given pay load and gives a minimum deflection. The second part of the program makes an optimization process for the dimension of the cross section and gives the dimensions of the tri-circular tube cross section that have the same weight of the corresponding square section but with less deflection.

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Dr. Waheed S. Mohammed

Dr. Sabah Tarik Ahmed

Laith J.H

The Effects of Vortex Generator Types on Heat Transfer and Flow Structure in a Rectangular

Duct Flows.

In this numerical study a detailed evaluation of the heat transfer characteristics and flow structure in a laminar and turbulent flow through a rectangular channel containing built-in of different type vortex generator has been a accomplished in a range of Reynolds number between 500 and 100,000.A modified version of ESCEAT code has been used to solve Navier-Stokes and energy equations. The purpose of this paper is to present numerical comparisons in terms of temperature, Nusselt number and flow patterns on several configurations of longitudinal vortex generator including new five cases. The structures of heat and flow were studied, using iso-contours of velocitycomponents,vortices, temperature and Nusselt number. This study shows that the predicted structures of fluid flow, temperature fields and Nusselt number variation are strongly affected by the presence of the turbulators

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Riyadh A.H. AL-Helali

Dr. Ismail A. Mohammed

Ammar I. Abdullah

Microcontroller-Based Function Generator.

This paper describes a microcontroller-based function generator system. By the function generator sine wave, square wave, quasi-square wave, saw-tooth and triangular waveforms are generated over a wide frequency range according to user requirements.By utilizing processing capabilities of the microcontroller the hardware is minimized exceedingly. The output waveform shapes are digitally-controlled to achieve the required wave shape. The single chip microcomputer of waveform generation equipment offers the possibility of improvements in manufacture reliability, maintenance and servicing and increased control flexibility. The system is built and tested. The results of test were satisfactory and appreciated by test engineers at different centers of ministry of communications.  

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Dr. Mohammed Abbas

Hasan Al-Jumaily

Evaluation of Hydrated Lime Filler in Asphalt Mixtures.

Mineral filler is one of important  materials and affecting on properties and quality of asphalt mixtures .There are different types of mineral filler depended on cost and quality , the matter encourages us to achieve this study to evaluate hydrated lime filler effects on properties of asphalt mixes related with strength and durability. Conventional asphaltic concrete mixtures with Portland cement and soft sandstone fillers and mixtures modified with hydrated lime were evaluated for their fundamental engineering properties as defined by Marshall properties , index of retained strength , indirect tensile strength , permanent deformation characteristics , and fatigue resistance .A typical dense graded mixture employed in construction of surface course pavement in Iraq in accordance with  SCRB specifications was used .The materials used in this study included mineral aggregate materials (coarse and fine sizes) were originally obtained from Najaf Sea quarries and two grades of asphalt cements produced from Daurah  refinery which are D47 and D66 . 

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Dr. Mohammed Sellab Hamza

Study the Effect of Carbon Fiber Volume Fraction and their Orientations on the Thermal Conductivity of the Polymer Composite Materials.

The effect of fiber volume fraction of the carbon fiber on the thermal conductivity of the polymer composite material was studied. Different percentages of carbon fibers were used (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25%). Specimens were made in two groups for unsaturated polyester as a matrix and carbon fibers, first group has parallel arrangement of fibers and the second group has perpendicular arrangement of fibers on the thermal flow, Lee's disk method was used for testing the specimens. This study showed that the values of the of thermal conductivity of the specimens when the fibers arranged in parallel direction was higher than that when the fibers arranged in the perpendicular direction  

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Prof. Dr. Hussain. J. Al-Alkawi

Lec. Dr. Khansaa D. Al- Shamari

Impact Energy of 100Cr6 under low different velocities This study has been undertaken to postulate the mechanism of impact test at low velocities. Thin-walled tubes of 100Cr6 were deformed under axial compression. In the present work there aresevenvelocities (4.429,4.652,5.240,5.600,5.942,6.264, 6.569) m\sec were applied to show how they effect the load, change in length, also the kinetic energy. However, the comparison between the obtained results and the other studies (Alexandar[3] , Abramowicz[4], Ayad[5]) was made the present work and Ayad data show good agreement. Load, change in length, kinetic energy were determined to understand the impact test. Full Text
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