Vol.3, No. 3(2007) 


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Vol.3, No. 3(2007)   



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Dr. Karima E. Amori

Parametric study of thermal  behavior of  thrust chamber  cooling channels .

A numerical investigation is adopted for two dimensional thermal analysis of rocket thrust chamber wall (RL10), employing finite difference model with iterative scheme (implemented under relaxation factor of 0.9 for convergence) to compute temperature distribution within thrust chamber  wall (which is composed of Nickel and Copper layers). The analysis is conducted for different boundary conditions: only convection boundary conditions then combined radiation, convection boundary conditions also for  different aspect ratio (AR) of cooling channel.

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Mohammed  M. Hasan

    Optimum design of stiffened square         plates for longitudinal and square ribs.

For a given loading, the stiffness of a plate or shell structure can be increased significantly by the addition of ribs or stiffeners. Hitherto, the optimization techniques are mainly on the sizing of the ribs. The more important issue of identifying the optimum location of the ribs has received little attention. In this investigation, finite element analysis has been achieved for the determination of the optimum locations of the ribs for a given set of design constraints

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Yasin K. Salman  

Hussein A. Mohammed

Free Convective Heat Transfer with Different Sections Lengths Placed at the Exit of a Vertical Circular Tube subjected to a Constant Heat Flux.

A free convective heat transfer from the inside surface of a uniformly heated vertical circular tube has been experimentally investigated under a constant wall heat flux boundary condition for laminar air flow in the ranges of RaL from 6.9108 to 5109. The effect of the different sections (restrictions) lengths placed at the exit of the heated tube on the surface temperature distribution, the local and average heat transfer coefficients were examined.

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Kusay H. Jabir

Flutter Speed Limits of Cantilever Rectangular and Tapered Plates.

The aerodynamic and elastic forces may cause an oscillation of the structure such as the high frequency of the airfoil surfaces and the dynamic instability occurring in an aircraft in flight and failure may occur at a speed called flutter speed. In this work, analytical and numerical investigations of flutter limits of thin plates have been carried out. The flutter speed of rectangular plates were obtained and compared with some published results. Different design parameters were investigated such as aspect ratio, thickness and their effects on flutter velocity.

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Dr. IkhlaseM.Fayed

  Effects of internal Acoustic Excitation on the Improvement of Airfoil Performance.

The effect of internal acoustic excitation on the leading-edge, separated boundary layers and the aerodynamic performance of NACA23015 cross section airfoil are examined as a function of excitation location with ranging frequency range (50-400) Hz of the introduced acoustic. Tests are separately conducted in two sections, open type wind tunnels at the Reynolds number of 3.3x105 for measurement at angle of attack (0, 3, 6, 9 &12) deg. and 3x104 for the visualization at angle of attack (12) deg. based on the airfoil chord. Results indicated that the excitation frequency and the excitation location are the key parameters to alter the flow properties and thus to improve the aerodynamic performance.

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A Fully Computerized Method to Backup the Router Configuration File.

This paper presents a fully computerized method to backup the router configuration file. The method consists of a friendly graphical interface programmed by Java programming language.

    The proposed method is compared with the two existing methods, namely: TFTP server method and Copy/Paste method. The comparison reveals that the proposed method has many advantages over the existing ones. The proposed method has been implemented on Cisco routers (series 2500, 2600 and 2800).


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