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Vol.4, No. 3(2008)   



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Ali Mohammed Noori Hasan 

Design and Simulation of GaussianFSK Transmitter in UHF Band Using Direct Modulation of ΣΔ Modulator Fractional-N Synthesizer

This research involves design and simulation of GaussianFSK transmitter in UHF band using direct modulation of ΣΔ  fractional-N synthesizer with the following specifications:  Frequency range (869.9– 900.4) MHz, data rate 150kbps, channel spacing (500 kHz), Switching time 1 µs, & phase noise @10 kHz = -85dBc. New circuit techniques have been sought to allow increased integration of radio transmitters and receivers, along with new radio architectures that take advantage of such techniques. Characteristics such as low power operation, small size, and low cost have become the dominant design criteria by which these systems are judged

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Hussein S. Ketan 

Atiya Kadhim Al-Zuheri 

Correcting Working Postures in Water Pump Assembly Tasks Using The OVAKO Work Analysis System (OWAS)

Ovako Working Postures Analyzing System (OWAS) is a widely used method for studying awkward working postures in workplaces. This study with OWAS, analyzed working postures for manual material handling of laminations at stacking workstation for water pump assembly line in Electrical Industrial Company (EICO) / Baghdad. A computer program, WinOWAS, was used for the study. In real life workstation was found that more than 26% of the working postures observed were classified as either AC2 (slightly harmful), AC3 (distinctly harmful). Postures that needed to be corrected soon (AC3) and corresponding tasks, were identified. The most stressful tasks observed were grasping, handling, and positioning of the laminations from workers. 

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Khalifa Abboud Salim

Abdul-Karim A.R. Kadhim 

 Adil H. Ahmad 

New Adaptive Data Transmission Scheme Over HF Radio

Acceptable Bit Error rate can be maintained by adapting some of the design parameters such as modulation, symbol rate, constellation size, and transmit power according to the channel state. An estimate of HF propagation effects can be used to design an adaptive data transmission system over HF link. The proposed system combines the well known Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) together with variable rate transmission system. The standard ALE is modified to suite the required goal of selecting the best carrier frequency (channel) for a given transmission. This is based on measuring SINAD (Signal plus Noise plus Distortion to Noise plus Distortion), RSL (Received Signal Level), multipath phase distortion and BER (Bit Error Rate) for each channel in the frequency list. Channel condition evaluation is done by two arrangements. In the first an FFT analysis is used where a pilot signal is transmitted over the channel, while the data itself is used in the second arrangement. Passive channel assessment is used to avoid bad channels hence limiting the frequency pool size to be used in the point to point communication and the time required for  scanning and linking. An exchange of channel information between the transmitting and receiving stations is considered to select the modulation scheme for transmission. Mainly MPSK and MFSK are considered with different levels giving different data rate according to the channel condition. The results of the computer simulation have shown that when transmitting at a fixed channel symbol rate of 1200 symbol/sec, the information rate ranges from 2400 bps using 4FSK up to 3600 bps using 8PSK for SNR ranges from 11dB up to 26dB.

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Jawad K. Ali 

Fractally Generated Microstrip Bandpass Filter Designs Based on Dual-Mode Square Ring Resonator for Wireless Communication Systems

     A novel fractal design scheme has been introduced in this paper to generate microstrip bandpass filter designs with miniaturized sizes for wireless applications. The presented fractal scheme is based on Minkowski-like prefractal geometry. The space-filling property and self-similarity of this fractal geometry has found to produce reduced size symmetrical structures corresponding to the successive iteration levels. The resulting filter designs are with sizes suitable for use in modern wireless communication systems. The performance of each of the generated bandpass filter structures up to the 2nd iteration has been analyzed using a method of moments (MoM) based software IE3D, which is widely adopted in microwave research and industry. Results show that these filters possess good transmission and return loss characteristics, besides the miniaturized sizes meeting the design specifications of most of wireless communication systems. 

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Haidir Raheem Zghair

 Zaid Hikmat Yaqoub 

 Amjad Barzan 

Feature - Based Approach to Automatic Fixturing System Planning For  Uniform Polyhedra Workpiece 

This paper demonstrates the design of an algorithm to represent the design stages of fixturing system that serve in increasing the flexibility and automation of fixturing system planning for uniform polyhedral part. This system requires building a manufacturing feature recognition algorithm to present or describe inputs such as (configuration of workpiece) and built database system to represents (production plan and fixturing system exiting) to this algorithm. Also knowledge – base system was building or developed to find the best fixturing analysis (workpiece setup, constraints of workpiece and arrangement the contact on this workpiece) to workpiece.

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Jawad K. Ali 

A New Fractal Printed Dipole Antenna Based on Tent Transformations for Wireless Communication Applications

In this paper, a compact multiband printed dipole antenna is presented as a candidate for use in wireless communication applications. The proposed fractal antenna design is based on the second level tent transformation. The space-filling property of this fractal geometry permits producing longer lengths in a more compact size. Theoretical performance of this antenna has been calculated using the commercially available software IE3D from Zeland Software Inc. This electromagnetic simulator is based on the method of moments (MoM). The proposed dipole antenna has been found to possess a considerable size reduction compared with the conventional printed or wire dipole antenna designed at the same design frequency and using the same substrate specifications. Results have shown that the proposed design possesses a multi-band resonant behavior with adequate radiation performance with VSWR ≤ 2 (return loss ≤-10 dB) throughout the resonating bands. This makes the presented antenna (or its monopole counterpart) suitable for use in the modern multi-functions compact communication systems.                    

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Alaa K. M. ​

Mass-Transfer Characteristics of Air- Suction Type Fermentors

Liquid-side mass-transfer coefficients (KLa) were measured in air-suction type fermentors using physical absorption of oxygen.  A fermentor of 0. 5 m i.d. was used with a working capacity of 60 liters of liquid. Tap water was used as the liquid phase, and air was used as the gas phase. The bioreactor mixing system consists of shrouded-disk/curved-blade turbine with six evacuated bending blades. The effect of liquid submergence (S) was investigated. Further, the effects of the ratio of the impeller diameter (D) to the tank diameter (T), and the clearance of the impeller from the tank bottom(C) were also studied.  The agitation speed (N) was varied in the range of 50-800 rpm. It was found that the value of  KLa increased as the impeller diameter  increased, while it was decreased continuously with increasing the clearance. The effect of impeller submergence on the value of mass transfer coefficient (KLa) is not much pronounced. Suitable correlation was developed for estimating mass transfer coefficient (KLa) in this type of bioreactors.  

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Karim H. Hassan,

 Zuhair A-A Khammas 

  Ameel. M. Rahman 

Zinc Oxide Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Catalyst/ Preparation,  Activity Test and Kinetic Study

Hydrogen sulfide removal catalyst was prepared chemically by precipitation of zinc bicarbonate at a controlled pH. The physical and chemical catalyst characterization properties were investigated. The catalyst was tested for its activity in adsorption of H2S using a plant that generates the H2S from naphtha hydrodesulphurization and a unit for the adsorption of H2S. The results comparison between the prepared and commercial catalysts revealed that the chemical method can be used to prepare the catalyst with a very good activity. It has observed that the hydrogen sulfide removal over zinc oxide catalyst follows first order reaction kinetics with activation energy of 19.26 kJ/mole and enthalpy and entropy of activation of 14.49 kJ/mole and -220.41 J/mole respectively.

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Mohammed Sellab Hamza ​

Studying the Effect of Volume Fraction of Glass Fibers on the Thermal Conductivity of the Polymer Composite Materials

In this study the effect of fiber volume fraction of the glass fiber on the thermal conductivity of the polymer composite material was studied. Different fiber volume fraction of glass fibers were used (3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, and 15%). Specimens were made from polyester which reinforced with glass fibers .The fibers had two arrangements according to the direction of the thermal flow. In the first arrangement the fibers were parallel to the direction of the thermal flow, while the second arrangement was perpendicular; Lee's disk method was used for testing the specimens. The experimental results proved that the values of the thermal conductivity of the specimens was higher when the fibers arranged in parallel direction than that when the fibers arranged in the perpendicular direction. The percentage of increasing of experimental thermal conductivity was 96.91% for parallel arrangement and 13.33% for perpendicular arrangement comparison with its original value before the using of glass fibers. 

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Faiz F. Mustafa ​

Heating and Melting Model Induced by Laser Beam in Solid Material

An analytical method and a two-dimensional finite element model for treating the problem of laser heating and melting has been applied to aluminum 2519T87and stainless steel 304. The time needed to melt and vaporize and the effects of laser power density on the melt depth for two metals are also obtained. In addition, the depth profile and time evolution of the temperature before melting and after melting are given, in which a discontinuity in the temperature gradient is obviously observed due to the latent heat of fusion and the increment in thermal conductivity in solid phase. The analytical results that induced by   laser irradiation is in good agreement with numerical results.

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Nebras Hussain Gheab

Sadeem Nabeel Saleem 

Comparison Study of Electromyography Using Wavelet and Neural Network

In this paper we present a method to analyze five types with fifteen wavelet families for eighteen different EMG signals. A comparison study is also given to show performance of various families after modifying the results with back propagation Neural Network. This is actually will help the researchers with the first step of EMG analysis. Huge sets of results (more than 100 sets) are proposed and then classified to be discussed and reach the final.

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Hadeel Kassim Al-Jobouri 

 Nasser N. Khamiss Al-Ani 

Computer-Based ECG Signal Analysis and Monitoring System

This paper deals with the design and implementation of an ECG system. The proposed system gives a new concept of ECG signal manipulation, storing, and editing. It consists mainly of hardware circuits and the related software. The hardware includes the circuits of ECG signals capturing, and system interfaces. The software is written using Visual Basic languages, to perform the task of identification of the ECG signal. The main advantage of the system is to provide a reported ECG recording on a personal computer, so that it can be stored and processed at any time as required. This system was tested for different ECG signals, some of them are abnormal and the other is normal, and the results show that the system has a good quality of diagnosis identification. 

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A. Salam Al-Ammri, 

Bahaa I. Kadim  

Yarub O. Al-Azzawi 

Miniature Two-Fingered Robot Hand Driven by Muscle Wires Actuators

In this research, a modified artificial hand with direct control has been designed using electrical artificial muscle wires that receive direct sensory impulses through human hand instead of using the mechanical action to open and close this artificial hand. Each finger is designed as a chain and its movements achieved through the conventional arrangement control of the electrical muscles wires. The results indicate that it is possible to design an artificial hand using electrical muscle wire for control it with high accuracy. 

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14 Ali Hussien Miry Multiwavelet and Estimation by Interpolation Analysis  Based Hybrid Color Image Compression Nowadays, still images are used everywhere in the digital world. The shortages of storage capacity and transmission bandwidth make efficient compression solutions essential. A revolutionary mathematics tool, wavelet transform, has already shown its power in image processing. The major topic of this paper, is improve the compresses of still images by Multiwavelet based on estimation the high Multiwavelet coefficients in high frequencies sub band  by interpolation instead of sending all Multiwavelet coefficients. When comparing the proposed approach with other compression methods Good result obtained. Full Text



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