Vol.2, No. 1(2006)   


Al-Khwarizmi Engineering Journal,


Vol.2, No. 1(2006)


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Dr. Akram Abood Jaffar 

 Dr. Sadiq Jaffar Abass,

 Mustafa Qusay Ismael 

Biomechanical Aspects of Shoulder and Hip Articulations:  A Comparison of Two Ball and Socket Joints


The shoulder and hip joints though essentially both are ball and socket joints, show structural variability to serve functional needs.  This study aims at revealing some of the structural and functional properties of each of the two joints regarding the factors that contribute to the stability of any joint in the body, namely: bone, ligament, and muscle. Twenty dried scapula, hip, humerus, and femur were used. The area of the articular surfaces was estimated by molding a sheet of dental wax. Using special graphics software, a novel procedure was described to calculate the area under the curve, which was postulated to indicate the degree of curvature. Tension test was applied using a testometric machine, which was locally modified to suit biological specimens. A finite element analysis was designed to study the articulating bones under different loading conditions. Full Text
2 Dr. Somer M. Nacy  

Dr.Hikmat Al-Rawi 

 Mohammed M. Hasan

A Study Of Strengthening Circular Diaphragm By  Ring-Shaped Concentric Ribs 


This paper deals with the determination of stresses and deflections of clamped circular diaphragm strengthened by one or two ring-shaped concentric ribs, under uniform static and dynamic pressures. The simulation has been achieved by using the well-known engineering software finite element package MSC/NASTRAN.    As a design study, the effect of using a clamped ring, and the effect of using a ring-shaped rib on both surfaces of diaphragm instead of one, has been discussed in this work. To show the effectiveness of this study, results of this work have been compared with  published data [1]. Full Text

Ameera A. Salman  

Dr. Ismail A. Mohammed   

Omar H. Hamad 

Microcontroller – Based Spectrum Analyzer

This work includes design, implementation and testing of a microcontroller – based spectrum analyzer system. Both hardware and software structures are built to verify the main functions that are required by such system. Their design utilizes the permissible and available tools to achieve the main functions of the system in such a way to be modularly permitting any adaptation for a specific changing in the application environment. The analysis technique, mainly, depends on the Fourier analysis based methods of spectral analysis with the necessary required preconditioning processes. 

Full Text

Deah J.Kadhim   

Walid K.Hussain

Design and Implementation of a Proposal Network Firewall

In today's world, most business, regardless of size, believe that access to Internet is imperative if they are going to complete effectively. Yet connecting a private computer (or a network) to the Internet can expose critical or confidential data to malicious attack from anywhere in the world since unprotected connections to the Internet (or any network topology) leaves the user computer vulnerable to hacker attacks and other Internet threats. Therefore, to provide high degree of protection to the network and network's user, Firewall need to be used. Firewall provides a barrier between the user computer and the Internet (i.e. it prevents unauthorized Internet users from accessing private computers and networks connected to the Internet). Full Text

Ali hussein hamed


Design And Implementation of Microcontroller Based Curing Light Control of Dental System.

In this paper, a microcontroller-based electronic circuit have been designed and implemented for dental curing system using 8-bit MCS-51 microcontroller. Also a new control card is designed while considering advantages of microcontroller systems the time of curing was controlled automatically by preset values which were input from a push-button switch. An ignition based on PWM technique was used to reduce the high starting current needed for the halogen lamp. This paper and through the test result will show a good performance of the proposed system. Full Text
6 N. H. Abbas

Direction Finding Using GHA Neural Networks

 This paper adapted the neural network for the estimating of the direction of arrival (DOA). It uses an unsupervised adaptive neural network with GHA algorithm to extract the principal components that in turn, are used by Capon method to estimate the DOA, where by the PCA neural network we take signal subspace only and use it in Capon (i.e. we will ignore the noise subspace, and take the signal subspace only).

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 Isam Kamal 

Dr.Ahmed Jawad 

Ali Khalid Khudair Al-Jomaily

Extraction of Chlorophyll from Alfalfa Plant

The extraction process of chlorophyll from dehydrated and pulverized alfalfa plant were studied by percolation method. Two  solvent systems were used for the extraction namely; Ethanol-water and Hexane-Toluene systems . The effect of circulation rate, solvent concentration, and solvent volume to solid weight ratio were studied. In  both ethanol water, and Hexane-Toluene systems it appears that solvent concentration is the most effective variable.  Full Text
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