• Four copies of the original manuscript should be submitted together with the original diagrams, photographs and tables.
  • The manuscript should be written in formal English and typed on A4 paper type and formatted in tow Columns.
  • The cover page should include: Research title, authors names, name of organization, mail address, and an indication to whom correspondence should be addressed. It should also include authors name in Arabic language.
  • The second page should include: the research title and an abstract within 80-200 words written in English language. An Arabic abstract should also be included within 50-150 words.
  • Tables, figures, graphs and photographs should be included outside the main body of the manuscript and referred to elsewhere.
  • The use of System International (SI) units as primary units of measure is mandatory.
  • Reference should be placed at the end of the manuscript.
  • A compact disk (CD) containing the electronic copy of the submitted work should be attached to the final submitted manuscript.
  • The magazine has the right to impose changes in terms of grammar and style if necessary.
  • The manuscript is presented accompanied by a cover letter to the president of the editorial board. The letter should include a confirmation that the material is not readily available elsewhere; i.e., it has not been published previously.
  • Address all correspondence and inquiries to the following

Editor in chief

Al-Khwarizmi Engineering Journal


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